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Good Luck to our swimmers who are joining Launceston and Camelford Swimming Clubs in:
C&WDL15 R1
At Plymouth Life Centre, Sunday 26th April 2015

January 2015


Our Club Constitution January 2015


May 2014

Well done to swimmers at the Newquay Open Meet on Sunday 11th May

Results can be found here


Message from Newquay Cormorants: "A huge thank-you to all swimmers, coaches, officials and supporters who made our 4th Annual Open Gala such a success

December 2013

Well done to all our swimmers who took part in the Club Championships. There were some great performances.
Ryan and Molly remain Club Captains and are are joined by Freddie who has been selected to be the junior boys club captain and Sascha who is the junior girls club captain. 
Congratulations to all that won trophies. And a big well done to Emma and Tessa who won the Shark cake which was kindly donated by Crooklets Inn.

Sponsored Swim
52 swimmers swam 93 miles in one hour

November 2013

Donations for Children in a Need = £27.23

July 2013

Help is needed to promote the free swimming lessons being offered at Bude Sea Pool during the summer holidays.

Club swimmers are asked to join in a session 12.30 to 1.15pm Wednesday 31st July.

Email for more information

May 2013

Dear Supporter, 

Help Save Our Environment and Raise Money by Recycling!

We are currently raising funds for Bude Sharks ASC by recycling old mobile phones, inkjet cartridges and laser/toner cartridges and your help would be greatly appreciated.
Our organisation will receive 50% of the recycling value for any mobile phones, £1 for each original empty inkjet cartridge or up to £5 per empty laser/toner cartridge donated kindly by you, friends, family or colleagues. 

Donate Your Old Items

To recycle your items for free and raise funds for this great cause simply click on this linkRecycle 4 Bude Sharks ASC
If you think this is a good idea and want to help promote our recycling campaign further why not forward this email to anyone you know. 
Thanks for taking the time to help us and the environment, your support is always appreciated. 
Bude Sharks ASC in association with

July 2012

Bude Sharks full of Olympic Spirit following Plymouth Leander Long Course Meet

Bude Sharks swam at the Plymouth Life Centre 14th July at Plymouth Leander's first Long Course Meet. This was the first time that all the Bude swimmers taking part had competed in a 50m pool and for some their first ever competiton. All did very well and enjoyed swimming in an Olympic sized swimming pool. Along pool supporting swimmers were Maggie Davies (coach) Amanda Cox and Emma Mee sS.wimmers are looking forward to watching Team GB swimmers in the London 2012 especially the 4 swimmers who have been training with Plymouth Leander.


Girls 9 years: Verity Lynes: 50m BR 1:04.60, 50m FS 48.47

10 years: Sacha Mees: 50m FLY 45.41, 200m BR 3:23.73, 200m IM 3:27.86, 50m BC 45.94, 50m FS 37.38

11 years: Holly Nancekivell: 50m FLY 46.12, 50m BC 48.78, 50m BR 54.19, 50m FS 38.12, 100m FS 1:26.86

12 years: Avril Lynes: 50m BR 57.13, 50m FS 42.53

Gussie Clayton: 100m BR 1:56.16, 50m BC 53.17, 50m FS 41.32, 100m FS 1:34.50

13 years: Molly Mees (Girl's Captain): 50m FLY 38.12, 100m BR 1:39.37, 200m IM 3:05.31, 50m FS 33.02, 100m FS 1:13.45

Amy Brimacombe: 400m FS 7:09.83

Boys 10years: Freddie Caslake: 50m FS 37.96, 200m FS 3:04.13 , 50m BR 53.49, 200m BR 4:12.55

12 years: Alfie Petch: 50m FS 32.92, 100m FS 1:.15.86

14 years: Ryan Chadwick (Boy's Captain): 100m BC 1:24.22, 50m FS 31.63, 100m FS 1:09.66, 200m FS 2:29.62, 50m FLY 38.55, 50m BC 39.24

16years: Brynley Langman: 200m IM 2:48.33, 50m BC 36.73

May  2012

Bude Sharks won the Okehampton Gala on 19th May 2012. Well done to all that took part. There were some expectional swims!

January 2012

Letter from the Club Chairman:

Dear Parents / Members and Friends,

On behalf of all the swimmers in the Club I would like to thank the dedicated committee members and coach for all the hard work they have put in during the past year, a/. to keep the Sharks Swimming Club in existence and b/. for the achievements they have made possible at all levels of development and competitive swimming . I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and attendance of training sessions.

It is still proving to be a challenging future with increased expenses for the club which unfortunately have to reflect on Club membership fees. In trying to minimize these as far as possible we will explore all the options open to the Club to keep these under control, plus we will need the support of everyone involved with the Club during the coming year.

Bude Splash has itself been undergoing some changes, having originally been run by North Cornwall District Council and then Cornwall Council, it has now been taken over and run by a Carrick Leisure Trust Ltd. Ongoing related costs and session times to the Sharks Swimming Club will have to be kept under constant review and discussed as the details are made available to us.

Every effort is being made to ensure that all the members will continue to benefit equally from the training with support from the Coach and Sharks Club Management Committee.

Mighty congratulations to all those Club members who have either, since joining, advanced from being novices, achieved personal best times, created new club record times or won medals at inter club championships. Very well done.

Communication is very important in any club or organisation. We would like to ensure all members are kept in touch with decisions that are made by the Committee and also to enable comments or suggestions from you to be considered at the regular monthly meetings and I would like all the members, families or friends to feel that they can approach any of the Committee Members with enquiries, comments, criticisms or compliments on any club related issues.

Our preferred method of communication would be by E-mail to minimise cost and time involved and for this, contacts through the Sharks website
will be redirected to the appropriate committee member. However we appreciate that is not possible in all cases, so please indicate to us your alternative preferred method when registering.

Yours Sincerely

Mike Degnan

 Thursday 7th April 2011 - SUBSCRIPTION FEE INCREASES
At the last Committee meeting held on the 22nd March it was concluded that we were going to have to raise subscription costs.  This is in response to the Council's increase in lane hire effective as of this month and is essential to maintain the financial viability of the club.
Monthly subscriptions will now be:
Payment by direct debit - £22.50 per month
Payment by cash/cheque - £25.00 per month
These charges will be effective from June 2011 so please amend DDs with your bank asap.
Many thanks for your continued support.

Thursday 17th March 2011 - CORNISH AND DEVON ARTICLE
Bude Sharks Swimming club celebrates 15 years of enjoyment and success!!

Bude Sharks is a relatively small and very friendly swim club who welcomes all swimmers who want to improve and develop their swimming.
The club was originally formed in 1996 to enable young swimmers who had finished their swimming lessons to continue with the sport.  Since this time the club has grown in numbers and those swimmers, wanting to compete, have been able to do so at a variety of galas, whether that be at a friendly team event or at ASA County Championship level.
 If your child has completed their swimming lessons and  wants to continue to swim regulary, Bude Sharks could be a good option. If you are an adult who  swims regulary and would benefit from the motivation, focus and coaching associated with belonging to a club, then contacting the club could be the first step to joining.
Currently the club has almost 100 members, 14 of which have recently competed in the Cornwall County Championships where all their hard work has really paid off with some fantastic results (see sports section!).
We would welcome any newcomers wishing to come and join our friendly enthusiastic club. It is our mission to ensure each individual reaches their potential whilst enjoying the hugely positive aspects of being part of Bude’s local swimming club.
The Club has a number of training sessions on Tuesdays & Fridays evenings and Saturday mornings. Further information regarding the club & session times can be found at their website:
Here’s to another 15 years of fitness & success!!!

Monday 28th February - Friday 4th March 2011 - MEMBERSHIP WEEK
Please see Maggie Watts or Susie Harriss who will be at Splash during Training Sessions this week to complete your membership form for 2011.
Renewing members will be given Login codes at this point that they will be able to use to access their Personal Best times on this website.

Tuesday 15th March 2011 - TEAM PHOTO
Paul Hamlyn will be coming at 7.00pm to take a photo of as many members as possible to go in the paper with an article celebrating 15 years of success.

Friday 25th March 2011 - "QUIZ NIGHT"

Please come and join us for a fun filled evening to help raise funds to support the club.

Venue -
The Tree Inn, Stratton
Time -
Cost - £18.00 for a table/team of 6
A very successful evening raising approximately £360.00! Thank you to everyone who supported it and especially to Tania Houghton for all her hard work in organising it and, of course, to Julian Houghton who selflessly gave up his voice for the benefit of Sharks!

January 2011
Letter from the Club Chairman:

Dear Parents/Members and Friends,

On behalf of the Sharks Club management committee, may I welcome you to another year with the club where we will continue to develop the high standard of training, swimming and competative enthusiasm.

this year promises to be a challenging one in view of the economic situation which has an effect on us all. We have formed a new committee who have the enthusiasm and dedication to ensure that our club will face the future in a positive manor and continue to operate in the best interests of the members.

The problems that lie ahead are tha Splash Pool charges are to rise by 20% in April which we will endeavour to challenge with hopefully some success. This will put a direct burden on our members with regards to fees. However we must be realistic and accept that the economic situation is with us and must be addressed.

To help with forthcoming price increases the committee has agreed to pay all members affiliation fees for this coming year (2011) from club savings and fundraising events which we hope to run in the future. This, we feel, will go some way to help members with their costs and demonstrate that the club is doing its best to support all our members. The affiliation fees will be based on current gradings and established by the coach and competition secretary. However any 'up-grade costs' throughout the year will have to be met by the member.

On behalf of the club the committee intend to apply for Charity Status thus allowing us the opportunity to apply for grant support.

I hope the above actions indicate that the club is in good hands and will not only maintain stability but move forwards in our members interests. However we must be able to count on your support at our events, both competitions and fundraising.

I will conclude with our thanks for your support of the club and wish you a very happy and successful New Year.

Yours sincerely,

Len Davies

October 2010
Over the past few months it has become apparent that the effort to keep Bude Sharks Swimming Club active and solvent is requiring an increased level of commitment from a few dedicated individuals.

When we recently called an meeting of members and parents we outlined the need for higher monthly payments in line with the charges for pool hire and also appealed for any parents who were interested in the long term future of the club to come forward either as fund raisers or committee members.
Sadly neither of these have met with the level of response the committee was hoping for.

Although the majority of members have readily increased their monthly payments some have failed to do so and some members, despite being reminded of their commitment to pay each month for swimming sessions, are still several months in arrears. However the bills still need to be paid for pool time and we are, every month, operating at a loss.

Perhaps more disappointing is the level of support that the committee members have received from other parents to ensure the smooth running of the club. Currently the burden of responsibility for all matters within the club (particularly ensuring that members pay their monthly fees on time) has fallen on a few of the committee members.

This situation cannot continue. When the club Annual General Meeting is held in early November the committee will not be seeking re-election. Regrettably this will mean that, if an entirely new committee do not come forward, the club will no long be able to operate.

The current committee would envisage that without a commitment from other members and parents to take up the reigns the club will cease to operate at the end of the year.

This is not an easy decision for any of the current committee to take - they have all been involved in the club for many years, some since its foundation, but no one should expect the same people to continually shoulder all the responsibility - especially the increased financial demands placed on the club since it became independent of the Local Authourity a couple of years ago.

If you wish to discuss this situation further, or feel that you could be a part of the future running of the club please contact me before November 1st

Jonathan McConnell
Chairman, Bude Sharks Swimming Club

Gold for Bude Sharks

posted 4 Feb 2011, 05:31 by Bude Sharks

On Sunday November 28th three members of Bude Sharks Swimming Club travelled to the Pyramids in Exeter to take part in Exeter Swimming Clubs annual November Open Meet. For one of the three, Sascha Mees, this was her first taste of swimming at this level as she had only turned 9 the day before and so up until this point had not been able to
participate in Open Meets. She returned home with not only PBs ( personal best times) but two seconds, a third and three gold medals so a big well done to her. All three girls bagged golds and gained some excellent times ahead of the Cornwall County Blocks in March.
Girls 9 years
Sascha Mees: 50m Fly 55.00 3rd, 50m FC 40.45 PB 1st, 100IM 1:45.09 PB 1st, 50m BK
46.99 PB 1st, 200m FC 3:18.74 PB 2nd, 50m BR 55.74 PB 2nd.
Girls 11 years
Molly Mees: 50m Fly 41.77 PB 8th, 50m FC 33.66 PB 2nd, 50m BK 40.41 PB 3rd, 200m
FC 2:48.14 PB 6th, 50m BR 44.59 PB 1st.
Molly Allen: 50m BK 39.17 PB 1st, 100m BR 1:36.92 PB 2nd, 200m FC 3:06.32 14th.

Sharks at Development Gala-Nov 2010

posted 4 Feb 2011, 05:28 by Bude Sharks   [ updated 4 Feb 2011, 05:45 ]

On Saturday November 20th five swimmers from Bude Sharks Swimming Club along with club coach Maggie Davies travelled down to Bodmin’s Dragon Leisure Centre to take part in the County Development Gala 2010. For all the swimmers this was their first taste of  competitive swimming at this level and all came away having achieved Personal Best (PBs) times so a big well done to them. Medals were awarded to the top three in each age group
Results were as follows:
9 years
Freddie Caslake: 50m BK 1:03.57 11th PB, 50m BR 1:02.95 9th PB, 50m FC 49.36 12th PB, 100IM 2:06.79 6th PB.
9 years
Keeley Dawe: 50m Fly 1:07.85 13th, 50m BK 48.88 5th PB, 50m BR 1:00.59 8th PB, 50m FC 43.22 5th PB, 100IM 1:53.93 8th PB.
Holly Martin: 50m FC 46.94 16th PB, 50m BK 56.14 15th PB.
Holly Nancekivell: 50m Fly 55.23 4th PB, 50m BK 51.86 9th PB, 50m BR 1:00.88 9th PB, 50m FC 44.22 9th PB.
Martha Allen: 50m Fly 1:02.96 11th PB, 50m BK 59.43 19th PB, 50m BR 1:02.61 10th PB, 50m FC 53.44 PB.
Bude Sharks were hosting the Gala so thanks must go to all the parents for taking on the various jobs required and to Kate Watts and Jasmine Finney for helping Maggie poolside, it was much appreciated.

Bude Sharks at the Bodmin Open 2010

posted 4 Feb 2011, 05:15 by Bude Sharks   [ updated 4 Feb 2011, 05:44 ]

On Saturday November 6th a group of swimmers from Bude Sharks travelled to Bodmin for the Bodmin Dragons 13th Annual Open Meet. The swimmers performed extremely well bringing home several medals and lots of personal best times (PBs).  Amanda Cox was on poolside offering support and encouragement and was joined by Coach Maggie Davies for the second session spurring the swimmers on. Thanks must go to all the parents for the loud cheers coming from the stands!  Awards were made to the top 6 in each age group for each event. The results were as follows:

9 yrs
Amber Houghton: 50m BK 47.69 PB 3rd, 50m BR 47.63 PB 1st, 100IM 1:41.51 PB 4th, 50m FS 39.38 PB 1st.
Molly Allen: 100m FS 1:19.22 PB 7th, 100IM 1:27.79 PB 6th, 100m BK 1:26.68 PB 9th, 100m BR 1:37.09 PB 2nd.
Molly Mees: 100m FS 1:19.23 8th, 100IM 1:25.32 PB 4th, 100m BK 1:25.42 PB 7th, 100m BR 1:37.25 PB 3rd.
Ellie Maynard: 100m FS 1:15.23 15th, 100IM 1:29.14 PB, 100m BK 1:26.32 13th.
Ella Henwood Waters: 100m FS 1:18.85, 100IM 1:26.14 PB 16th, 100m BR 1:29.16 PB 2nd.

Freddie Norman: 50m BK 51.48 10th, 50m BR 52.87 PB 4th, 50m Fly 54.44 3rd, 50m FS 39.56 PB 8th, 100IM 1:45.41 4th.
Celyn Ensell-Bowen: 50m BK 47.92 PB 4th, 50m BR 54.74 PB 7th, 50m FS 38.40 3rd.
Ryan Chadwick: 100m BK 1:27.49 PB 6th, 100IM 1:34.25 PB 11th, 100m FS 1:16.24 PB 8th.
Brynley Langman: 100m BK 1:18.30 PB 7th, 100IM 1:18.47 PB 5th, 100m FS 1:07.19 PB 7th.

Well done to all the swimmers.

Diddy Meet - 26th June 2010

posted 1 Feb 2011, 03:43 by Bude Sharks   [ updated 4 Feb 2011, 05:46 ]

On Saturday 26th June eleven members from Bude Sharks Swimming Club travelled to Truro Leisure Centre to take part in the Truro City Swimming Club Development Sprint 'Diddy' Meet for swimmers aged 12 and under. Presentations were made to the top six girls and boys within each age group based on points awarded for event placings. Only those swimmers who had not taken part in the County Blocks were eligible to swim.
For two of our swimmers ( Keely and Amber) this was the first time they had taken part in this level of competition and both were very nervous however, both achieved personal best times and swam brilliantly finishing 2nd and 4th overall in the girls 9 year age group. The results were as follows:

Girls 9 years
Keely Dawe: 50m Fly 1:02.624th PB, 50m BK 52.76 4th PB, 50m BR 1:02.18 4th PB, 50m FS 46.93 5th. Overall placed 4th.
Amber Houghton: 50m Fly 59.53 3rd , 50m BK 49.30 3rd PB, 50m BR 50.75 1st PB, 50m FS 41.02 1st PB , 100 IM 1:45.65 3rd PB. Overall placed joint 2nd.
Avril Lynes: 50m BK 58.04 9th, 50m BR 1:00.90 5th PB, 50m FS 52.48 11th, 100 IM 2:09.37 5th. Overall placed 6th.

Girls 10 years
Maisy Harriss: 50m Fly 59.23 7th, 50m BR 1:00.59 6th PB, 50m FS 46.74 11th PB, 100 IM 1:53.39 6th PB.
Olivia Moyle: 50m BK 49.34 4th PB, 50m FS 43.31 5th PB, 100 IM 1:51.85 5th PB. Overall placed 5th.
Sophie Turner: 50m BR 1:02.97 7th PB, 50m FS 49.94 14th PB.

Girls 11 years
Rebecca Cottle: 50m BK 55.55 13th PB, 50m Fly 1:01.56 11th PB, 50m BR 59.27 13th, 50m FS 49.09 12th, 100 IM 2:03.55 10th.
Josie Foster: 50m Fly 46.03 4th, 50m BK 42.57 2nd PB, 50m BR 52.67 8th PB, 50m FS 37.97 2nd PB, 100 IM 1:36.96 3rd PB. Overall placed 2nd.

Boys 10 years

Freddie Norman: 50m Fly 50.39 1st PB, 50m BK 48.38 2nd PB, 100 IM 1:42.14 1st PB, 50m BR 53.69 1st PB. Overall placed 2nd.

Boys 11 years
Reyce Biggs: 50m BK 44.99 1st PB, 50m BR 59.13 4th PB, 50m Fly 47.97 1st PB, 50m FS 37.80 1st. Overall placed 1st.

Boys 12 years
Ryan Chadwick: 50m BR 55.29 2nd PB, 50m Fly 46.56 1st. Overall placed 2nd.

Thank you to all the parents who travelled down and cheered on the children, and thank you to Club Coach Maggie Davies for driving the mini bus and supporting the swimmers. Well done to everyone.

Bude Sharks Swim to Victory! 19 Jun 10

posted 1 Feb 2011, 03:36 by Bude Sharks   [ updated 5 Jun 2011, 22:18 ]

Three Bude Sharks Teams set off to two separate galas on June 19th; one in Wadebridge and the other in Okehampton: two returned home victorious.

Below is a report by Kim Prescott (Club Coach) who took two teams to Wadebridge for the Novice and Development Gala, competing teams were Bude, Wadebridge, Truro and Camelford.

This was a wonderful event for new entrants into Sharks, especially those swimmers wishing to participate in their first gala (even if with a little encouragement!). The Novice event was first, which bought out some wonderful achievements from all those participating, Holly Nancekivell, Ellie Turner & Martha Allen for the girls and Michael Currie, Christopher Turner & Jackson Ward for the boys - who were all new to this event. They started with nerves, and climbed out without!!! - Absolutely wonderful swims from each of them, all showing no fear in taking on each stroke - and growing with confidence and enthusiasm approaching each event.

The Development gala followed swiftly on, with all the afternoon swimmers turning up promptly and with smiles on faces. Girls - Sophie Turner, Keeley Dawe & Maisy Harriss, Boys - Arthur Edwards, Cyril Cox, Rhys Burton and Chae Jenkins all put in excellent swims with several 1st and 2nd places achieved. This resulted in the Development team being placed 1st overall, leaving with the Trophy accompanied by smiles from ear to ear.

Not only did both groups perform amazingly well, but the team spirit was a joy to witness, each one being fully supported by their fellow team swimmers (as well as the vocals in the background from Sharks parents - thank you!)

Our third team headed to Okehampton to compete against Okehampton A and B teams and Crediton in what was to prove a very enjoyable evening with many of the swimmers achieving PBs ( personal best times) and recording first places in their individual events. Coach Maggie Davies was on poolside offering encouragement and support as well as a number of parents cheering on from the gallery.

The team was rewarded for all the effort they put in, boosted by reports of the earlier Wadebridge win, by finishing 1st ahead of Okehampton and Crediton. Taking part for Bude Sharks were: Freddie Caslake, Oliver Matthews, Freddie Norman, Matt Maynard, Celyn Ensell Bowen, Jay Innes, Ben Wilson, Ryan Chadwick, Jobe Harriss, Tom French, Tim Moyle and Julian Houghton, Amber Houghton, Sascha Mees, Keely Dawe, Isobel Nesham, Olivia Moyle, Molly Allen , Molly Mees, Rebecca Anderson, Abbie French, Kate Watts, Becks Hill and Tanya Houghton.

We would like to thank both Wadebridge and Okehampton for organising the galas and the Bude Sharks swimmers for some fantastic swims. Well done all.

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