General Information

Induction Programme for new members:

If a new member attends a club session with a view to joining, who has not been sent up by a centre teacher after gaining a level 12 from the National Teaching Plan sponsored by Kelloggs organised by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association).

They will be asked to swim at least 1 length of each stroke, the coach carrying out the assessment will be looking at each stroke to ascertain whether there is a full understanding of the stroke and it is being carried out in a comfortable and confident manner.

For younger members the stroke must reach a standard that would be expected to have been able to achieve a level 12 NTP.

The Club sessions are not to be used as a teaching session they are purely for perfection and endurance, the basic understanding of each stroke must be achieved prior to entry.

Once acceptance has been agreed, they will be encouraged to attend three sessions then will be supplied with a club membership pack and will be expected to complete the ASA Registration form pay the relevant membership fee to join the club.

Induction programme for new personnel:

After advertisement and interviews have been completed and a candidate has accepted the position, they will be invited to all sessions to ensure that they are introduced to all the coaches involved in the club, they will be introduced to the committee members at the end of one of the club sessions to allow the new candidate to ask any questions of the members.

They will be introduced to the club captains and supplied with a copy of the club handbook and constitution, they will be shown around the centre and advised where all poolside equipment is stored.

The Candidate will be given a tour around the club web site and explained the personal best system at the club, supplied the year calendar for the club and advised on commitment and responsibility.

Will sign off against all policies, Child protection, Equality, Disability and undertake a Criminal Records Bureau check and also sign up to become a member of the club completing the ASA registration documents.